Bored of the boardroom? Put the spark back into your meetings at The Quay Three Lounge

Bored of the boardroom? Put the spark back into your meetings at The Quay Three Lounge

Are you stuck in the same Monday routine? Same people, same time, same boring meeting space and the same staff grumbling for a change of pace? Why not spark their creativity and re-light your team’s fire by holding your next meeting at The Quay Three Lounge located in Swansea’s stunning marina?

The Lounge is the ideal location for a relaxed team get-together or for meeting an important client. The room has endless uses and possibilities. Help your team think outside the box and take them out of the same four walls they stare at day-to-day. It’s all about making an environment comfortable; being comfortable in a work space or meeting room can help staff be more attentive, concentrate for longer periods of time as well as be more creative.

With a city centre location and inspiration of the marina The Lounge is a great place to get those minds buzzing with ideas for business development. We provide all the privacy you would need and the quirky setting provides an inspiring environment with state-of-the-art facilities as well as quality tea and coffee as standard.

Benefit from a tailored room set-up, WIFI access and optional professional audio-visual equipment should you require, we can help you tailor the ideal meeting venue package for your team. Organise a meeting that meets your specific needs with unique packages to service your next meeting or conference.

Not only is The Lounge perfect for team meetings we can also cater for smaller corporate events such as conferences or product launch events. The Lounge is your very own blank canvas. We’ll help you dress the space to meet your needs, ensure a projector, TV or any other equipment you may need is at your disposal to ensure your event runs smoothly.

A waterfront location is ideal for those wanting to wine and dine clients, and The Lounge can host intimate retreats of 10 to 50 delegates. The Lounge allows smaller businesses to elegantly entertain without the high costs. Impressing your guests is something we can certainly help with from seasonal cocktail menus, dinner buffets and music tailored to you and your event.

So, whether it’s a team meeting, a corporate event or product launch, we’ll create a tailored package to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today and we’ll ensure you don’t regret stepping out of the boardroom.


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