Christmas Party Venues – The Real Party Etiquette

Christmas Party Venues – The Real Party Etiquette

You’ve already started looking at Christmas party venues, but wait, what about the rabble who work with you? Are they going to embarrass themselves or worst still others? Here’s how NOT to humiliate yourself at the works Christmas party!

Besides the fact that the music is pumping, grub and alcohol is flowing and everyone is having fun, the works Christmas party is still a business event. So remember these few words of wisdom…

Christmas Party Venues Employee Of The Year Award Goes To The One Who…
Christmas Party Venues Fancy Dress1 Keeps Fancy Dress Tasteful Not Unsavoury

If the theme is things beginning with the letter P then choose Pete the Pirate or Percy the Penguin but never ever pick Pedro the Penis. Don’t forget about perceptions of your choice of attire, for example, should you wear a white sheet as a ghost with cut out eyes give consideration to the resemblance a certain Southern America , far-right movement.

2 Understands Their Own Limit

Don’t take the phrase ‘free bar’ as a private challenge. Pause to think about any prior actions at Christmas party venues. If following 3 beers you are self-confident, 5 side-splitting funny and 7 an absolute gut wrenching numpty who loves to run around the garden naked, then perhaps set your limit to 5 or 6 for the evening.

3 Stand Out For The Right Reasons

Though it may certainly be feasible that you have the foot work of Michael Jackson or know all the words to “Who the F#@k is Alice”, ask oneself, is this the correct time to display my abilities? This can be applied equally to balancing a chair on your head, juggling glasses of gin and particularly if your party skill is something more exotic like putting silver skinned pickled onions up your nose.

 4 Can Hold Ones Tongue

There’s a time and a place for blunt conversation about the slump in sales or over priced widgets; maybe in a well planned email, but definitely not as a disdain stuffed rhetoric during which you call your boss as a W@#ker. Actually it’s probably advisable not to talk to your boss at all that night.

5 Puts It On And Keeps It On

Exposure of whatever sort must certainly be avoided. You may possibly think your best assets are a sacred relic of humanity and want to display their well proportioned dimensions with everyone, but you may not receive the reactions you expected. Similarly your chest might be as full as a couple of watermelons but consider, is this really the time to share them?

6 Knows Sharing Is Not Always Caring

Your readiness to open up is commendable but selecting this specific time to share personal or formerly unmentioned insights about oneself with colleagues is to be avoided. You may possibly endorse the fitness benefits of consuming your own urine or organize your vacations around One Direction’s tour dates, however they’re facts best kept to yourself.

Above all, whenever at Christmas party venues – know when to bow out elegantly!!

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